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balance issues!

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#1 Lindhofen



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Posted 09 January 2015 - 02:19 PM

alright, now it's time to sort this out, there is so much stuff that needs to get balanced in this game!


I'm gonna add some reasoning and my opninion behind every stuff I list in here, if you find something that's really broken, then write it down!


so let's start with  ..




heavy armor, it's heavy and tanks a lot, that's what you'd think it does, unless you check the HP of the heavy armors, they suck!


my last armor that I upgraded to a high tier called Panzersturm (heavy armor), (Tier 6) it has 375 total HP, where my Ghast armor (Light), has 238 total HP (tier 7), which is damn high if you ask me compared to a heavy armor.


Now, the problem is, heavy armors are damn big, so you can easily aim at them and destroy them way easier than light armors, so you expect it to have a lot of HP for the extreme reduction of movement speed and the big size, right? but it doesn't!


Heavy armor .. if you here it, you might think it's like this:

but actually, it's more like this:


That sucks, a target which has such a slow movement speed and big size should at least be tanky!


Just as written on the description, these guys are the ones people are going to aim for at first, because they are very dangerous (with 4 weapons they are anything but dangerous) A slow target with high size who everyone focuses while it can't even deal more dmg considering you expect it to be a tank with high dmg, that's the biggest flaw.



the small heavy armors aren't that easy to aim at but they only carry 2 weapons, which is totally fine, but even those need a buff in HP or should get 4 engine upgrades instead of 2.  (engine not weapons!)  But to be honest, even those are too easy to destroy.


in my opinion Panzersturm should have an HP of 750 or above 1000, it's just too easy to aim at it, seriously, every casual gamer can easily destroy that and in high ranks it's an annoyance to wear that armor because you are handicapping your team hard.

Small heavy armors should get a HP buff too, they are heavy, you expect them to tank shit, so it's fine.


My other suggestion is to make Panzersturm (and the other heavy armors with 4 weapons) have 6 weapons and a little faster movespeed (a movespeed buff of 1-3).


On some maps, you can just outrun these guys with a stealth cloak and energy supply, carry the bomb / batteries around while they can't even do anything to you because you're too fast for them, so make them hit harder or make them fire faster for the slow movement speed, because these guys are handicapping your team once again.




Well, medium armors could use a hp buff too, they have a pretty big size too if you ask me.



Now on to ...





I have behemoth feet, these have 726 HP, not bad for a heavy armor, ain't it? it's upgraded to tier 6.

The important question is, why are my Feet so much tankier than my main heavy armor? I mean, shouldn't these values be switched?


What if you would give Panzersturm the 726 HP and Behemoth these measly 375 HP, but then I would complain about heavy armor feet being extremely weak, even my weapons have more durability than my Heavy armor, not even kidding those are tier 6 and have an HP of 432 each (I carry 4 of them with my Ghast armor).


Feet should have lower HP, so you won't feel bad for aiming at them instead of the huge sized armor which gets destroyed in 2 shots anyway.

Heavy Feet should be tankier as usual feet, just as you would expect them.

I was thinking about a reduction of 200 HP on these tanky ones, and lighter ones should stay as they are, medium could use a downgrade of 100 hp. 


Not much to complain about Feet though. 



Now let's get serious with ..




if you shoot the Head down, you want the robot to lose complete control, but .. the only thing the robot loses is the control of moving, you can still aim easily at your opponent without a head and destroy them, while it is satisfying to destroy an opponent without a head, it's still stupid that the opponent bothered to destroy your head instead of aiming at your armor and destroying you.


My suggestion is to make the players mouse movement the opposite, so if you wanna aim at the left side, you move to the right side instead, same for up and down, if you go up, you actually go down and the other way, this is losing control,


Nobody ever bothered aiming at my head, my head is the least upgraded part of my body, I only lost my head once or twice, but even those rounds I won because i could aim perfectly.


(Well, if you leave everything as it is, it might be fine too, since losing head every round would make people angry and quit, and would ruin the fun of winning without a head, so just be careful with what you do here). 



now let's talk about ...




Devices are what make this game produce .... RAGE! EXTREME RAGE!


who had the idea of all these turrets?!? they are so annoying to deal with, I lose 10% hp because I have to destroy that one turret over there, just to see the guy create another one and produce more rage!


Flame Turrets... ah... back then... I used these as a shield, because their dmg was so damn low, it wasn't even worth worth buying these unless, as I mentioned, using these as a shield ... until I stumbled across a REAL shield!


These annoying Blue Shields which are meant to be used for escape but actually get used more for offense, why? because these things are indestructible, well that's what I thought for a while but after shooting at these for 10 seconds (which is just ridiculous, even with my strong lasers) these things get destroyed. (or they disappear lol)


The only way to counter a person with a blue shield, is to create your own blue shield, which leaves you with 1 less Device space.




I love stealth! I really love it! thanks to whoever had this idea, stealth is the best Device I have ever seen!


The counter stealth Device is only good when you know who you are most likely to play against, but even then, nobody is gonna waste a space just to see that one guy who is invisible for not too long but not too less.



Anti Robot Mine, with excellent use this shit can destroy a Robot with ease, but it needs very tactical positioning to be useful, you can pull some enemy down to that thing and KABOOM he's done for!


I don't really see anyone use the gravity one or the other ones which is just sad .. Turrets shine too much, they are too strong (but Flame Turret sucks ass as far as I can tell).





ahh finally something interesting ...


I can tell you one thing, those AoE based weapons are a pain in the ass, if you don't fucking destroy that hailfire spamming dude he is gonna make you rage after the game because of the repair costs, heck, I'd even love to get destroyed by a fragunov user who only focuses my armor and not all parts of my body!


The poison based weapons are a pain in the ass too, I hate REPAIR COSTS!


Lasers are too strong, not only do I shoot faster than a Fragunov with my Blasters, I also have less energy cost, and higher accuracy, the more you can shoot, the higher the chance of hitting an enemy, nerf lasers attackspeed by a little and up their dmg by a little, they should be a tad bit faster than Fragunov, but also deal a bit less dmg.


Well, to be honest, you can leave lasers as they are, since nobody is using them besides me, all the others are using Ant Lasers while I have my Sexy Blasters.

Ant Lasers are anything but strong, but they aren't too weak either, these ones are totally fine and balanced, Blasters are a little too strong but just a little, if you see more people with these and they get annoying, then you can think about doing what I said, reducing attackspeed a little and upping the damage, but I think that ain't gonna happen anyway, not many people use Blasters as I said.


Fragunov is a little bit too strong, even when their attackspeed is damn low.

nerf it by 15% dmg. 

edit: Fragunov is too strong nerf it by 35%


There's nothing more to add for now, if I find something, I'm gonna add them.


So, what do you guys think about all this? 


you have any other suggestions, found more broken weapons?


just leave a comment

#2 KennethSing



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Posted 13 January 2015 - 12:11 AM

Oh man, balance issues section is closing down? Nooo... Ill make my final appeal. Nerf Tau. That is all.



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Posted 13 January 2015 - 05:17 AM

Oh man, balance issues section is closing down? Nooo... Ill make my final appeal. Nerf Tau. That is all.

What are you on about?



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Posted 18 January 2015 - 04:24 PM

With heavy armor, your so slow that you are basicly a target, but with light armor, your so fast that most of the time you survive.


Unless you are in a match with bots, bots don't care if you dodge, really...


But yeah, they should make heavy armor more durable, cause there are no tanks in this game, only static targets xD



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Posted 19 January 2015 - 03:25 AM

We are talking about just 300 health here, that's basically 1 - 2 shots more...Since the damage was increased by 100% same should happen with armor xD

#6 Lindhofen



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Posted 26 January 2015 - 09:41 AM

well hailfire is the most annoying thing ever cause I realised, an upgrade gives so much dmg boost its unbelievable

#7 Support



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Posted 26 January 2015 - 01:53 PM

We are rebalancing weapons in our next update. You can write your suggestions in the topic here.

#8 Ryan (SIR)

Ryan (SIR)


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Posted 16 March 2015 - 09:11 PM

I have been playing GnR now for about 2 months.  When I first started playing I found it almost hard to stick around because of balance issues.  The only real issue I had was not one weapon more superior than another etc, it was the fact Guild buffs were unbeatable when your first starting out.


Guild buffs in MHO should only be incorporated into a game based on your robot level.  ie - your robot is a level 2 robot, the max buff you should receive from guild buffs is the tier 2 ones.  Yes, you still get the benefits of guild buffs, but not to the point where it makes it completely lopsided against those without a guild or new players to be more specific. 


The bottom line is the more players who play GnR, the longer it sticks around and can progress in development.  Making it seem impossible to win for new players is a sure fire way to see new players play 2 or 3 days, give up and move on to something else.


Just my 2 pennies.

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