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Posted 16 January 2013 - 02:16 PM

Welcome to the forum of GUNS and ROBOTS. We have created the forum for you, to establish pleasant environment, to introduce the rules of the game, and to provide opportunities to discuss game-related topics, and sharing opinions. We hope and expect from you – our users – polite and respectful attitude and behavior to one another. Let our communication be civilized, nice, and constructive for all.

Regarding the above, GUNS and ROBOTS team presents these rules, aiming to achieve an environment of mutual respect and regard for the personal rights of everyone. For this purpose, we have described the rules and restrictions for communication, as well as penalties, which will be imposed by Masthead Studios Ltd, in the event of violation of the prohibitions.


The rights and interests of any user shall not be preferred to the rights and interests of another user. No disrespectful attitude and behavior by the users or groups of users is allowed, as well as violation of rules of sites, forums, and chat rooms operated by Masthead Studios Ltd, or inappropriate and unauthorized use of software resources, and inflicting damage on other users.

These rules are binding for the sites owned by Masthead Studios Ltd, and shall not be derogated by verbal or written orders or recommendations by anyone. If the current rules contradict the provisions of any effective legislation, applicable for the user, then the provisions of the respective legal procedure shall apply.

The official language for correspondence is English. They shall be the languages of correspondence between users and administrators of Masthead Studios Ltd.

A.: On the sites and forums operated by Masthead Studios Ltd, and in any kind of communication with the administrators of the game, inappropriate behavior (statements) is prohibited, if it is likely to result in discomfort and annoyance of users, including:

1. Flood – Double posting without any actual need, as well as sending regular messages with the same semantic weight. This includes bumping of old posts without adding new items of substance to the discussion.
2. Spam – Posting messages without actual semantic weight, including meaningless and/or multiple posting of smilies and other symbols.
3. Over quoting – Copying (quoting) of in response to a message, the text or part of the text of another message in excess of the necessary size for understanding the meaning and context by users.
4. Signatures – User signatures may not be larger than 100 pixels or 6 lines of text.
5. Illegal ads and/or advertising – Posting messages with advertising character, including references of such nature outside the forum dedicated for this purpose.
6. Commercial spam – Publication and posting message of commercial nature whose purpose is sale of products and/or services, as well as links to sites with similar character, which are not directly related to the operations of Masthead Studios Ltd, except in cases with written permission from Masthead Studios Ltd.
7. Insulting users, flaming – Any insults to users or administrators, and responses to such insults, if they have the same character.
8. Swearing, insinuations, and abusive language – Non-standard language is not allowed (non-standard language is the language defined by law as acceptable), including replacing of parts of words with other symbols or letters, the use of common abbreviation of non-standard words, use of homonyms (words similar in pronunciation and spelling but different in meaning and sense), if their context is non-standard language.
9. Discriminative posts – Posting and sending discriminative messages aiming to insult and humiliate the users or administrators, including chauvinistic and racist messages, as well as messages against the freedom of conscious and religious beliefs, is prohibited.
10. Cheating, lies, and disinformation – Posting and sending messages containing false data and information, if the publication may bring harm to users, Masthead Studios Ltd, or the game, is prohibited.
11. Propaganda of narcotic substances or pornography – Posting and sending messages, which are direct or indirect propaganda of narcotic substances or pornography, or links to such propaganda is prohibited.
12. Posting and sending messages containing threats for inflicting damage, bodily harm, death, and delicts of users are prohibited.
13. Provocation and inciting users to violate rules – Posting and sending messages containing incitements to users to violate the rules is prohibited.
14. Posting personal information – Posting and sending messages containing and disclosing personal information about the users, except in cases of clear technical requirement is prohibited.
15. Using another user’s nick and avatar – Using another user’s nick and/or avatar, as well as other sign individualizing the user which has already been registered and/or used by another user, is prohibited.
16. Signing up with more than one registration, with the purpose of deceiving the users or the administrators about the actual visitors and users participating in a discussion, as well as having false discussions and making comments by one user with different registration, is prohibited.
17. Inflicting harm on the game sites and forums, operated by Masthead Studios Ltd – Actions which would directly or indirectly lead to harm on the sites, forums, chat rooms, and the game, operating by Masthead Studios Ltd, including hacker attacks, attempts to break in the software without right to access, are prohibited. Abuse of programming errors and failure to report them in the event of their discovery by the user is prohibited.
18. Violation of rules and guidelines in the registration in the sites, forums, chat rooms, and the game, operated by Masthead Studios Ltd, as well as providing false information is prohibited.
19. Masthead Studios Ltd shall have no responsibility for the content of posts and published messages. In the event of an information request arising from a legal procedure, based on, in compliance and within the framework of the law, we shall provide the requested information about the user.

B.: Penalties for violations

In the event of violation of the rules of web sites and forums of ERA, operated by Masthead Studios Ltd, the administrators may take the following measures, depending on the nature and recurrence of the violation:
1. A warning;
2. Restriction of the ability to access the resources of game sites and forums, operated by Masthead Studios Ltd for a certain period of time;
3. Deletion of the respective column, publication, post, or comment, which violates the rules;
4. Blocking the right of access of the user to the resources of game sites and forums, operated by Masthead Studios Ltd;
5. Notifying the law-enforcing authorities of violations, which constitute crimes according to the effective legislation applicable for the user, if the resources on the sites and forums operated by Masthead Studios Ltd have information about such a law provision.

C: Other.

1. These rules shall become effective at the time of their official publication. Their public discussion after publication is not allowed, and will be treated as a provocation to a conflict situation. If you have comments and questions about these rules, contact us at the following address:
2. The use of web sites and discussion forums owned by Masthead Studios Ltd automatically means you accept these rules, and any information provided and used by you will be protected by them and will be used by Masthead Studios Ltd according to these rules.
3. Masthead Studios Ltd shall retain the right to amend and update this policy by indicating the date of the latest amendment. It is a responsibility of the user to check and find out about the content and amendments of this policy.
4. By accepting this policy, the user confirms that he/she is familiar with the respective language to an extent sufficient to know and understand the meaning of the information, contained in them.

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